High Physician Satisfaction Equals High Patient Satisfaction: The Winning Strategies of the Organization, Emergency Medicine Physicians


By Edward Leigh, MA

Research has documented that engaged physicians results in engaged patients.  For example, Dr. Jennifer Haas and her research associates found a positive correlation between physician satisfaction and patient satisfaction.  (Dr. Haas and her colleagues work on this subject was published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine article, “Is the professional satisfaction of general internists associated with patient satisfaction?”) Emergency Medicine Physicians (EMP), a leading provider of emergency medical services, prove that high physician satisfaction translates into high patient satisfaction.  The EMP website states, “As a new emergency medicine physician, you’ll be welcomed like family. We’ll take you under our wings in the ED, and out on the town when your shift is over. We believe our tight-knit culture creates the best patient care—because when you love what you do, it shows.”  And it does show!

When I first visited the EMP website, I knew in a moment that I had to write an article about this organization!  Based on their outstanding services, EMP has won multiple accolades, including Modern Healthcare’s Best Places to Work Award, the Press Ganey Summit Award and Smart Business Magazine’s World Class Customer Service Award.

Here are some highlights of what makes EMP an engaging organization for their physicians.

Fun Factor.  Work should be an enjoyable experience.  When looking at their website, it is obvious that this organization clearly understands that having fun is good business. Who wants to work for a dull company?  The website opens with these words, “Enjoy the ride.”  When physicians enjoy the ride so will patients!  The website also has beach photos and humorous videos. The videos include a contest to see which residency program can come up with the most creative video. The organization is like a friendly neighbor welcoming you to their home.

24/7 support from colleagues.  EMP’s supportive culture encourages collaboration in decision making and clinical diagnosis. All physicians have access to run a case by an on-call senior clinical emergency medicine physician 24/7.

Robust education and development. EMP strongly believes in the value of information.  All new physicians travel to the company headquarters and participate in a two-day orientation. Physicians also have the opportunity to participate in EMP’s Patient Satisfaction Academy and Clinical Efficiency Academy.

Work life balance. To help new EMP doctors become acclimated, they design their first year’s schedule.  Even after the first year, EMP accommodates individual needs and requests to create an emergency medicine schedule that works for each person.  EMP understands the important need to maintain a healthy work life balance.

When it’s suits vs. scrubs, scrubs win.  At EMP, doctors thrive in an organization that’s owned and managed by emergency medicine physicians who understand their needs. The focus is on empowerment, not just employment.

Creating an excellent physician experience is an integral part of EMP’s culture.  It is this key component of their culture that drives their excellent patient experiences.

Emergency Medicine Physicians can be reached at 1-800-828-0898 or http://www.emp.com

(I would like to give a special thanks to EMP’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Kevin Klauer, for his help in preparing this article.)


Edward Leigh, MA, is the Founder and Director of the Center for Healthcare Communication. The Center focuses on increasing patient satisfaction, improving compliance and decreasing the risk of medical errors. The Center offers high-impact training, consulting and one-on-one coaching. Edward Leigh’s new book, Engaging Your Patients, is due out in the Spring of 2013. http://www.CommunicatingWithPatients.com or 1-800-677-3256


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