Six Ways to Have Confident Conversations!


We all want to have great conversations, but we often worry about how we come across with other people.  Worry no more!  Here are six tips that lead to dynamic conversations!

Plan ahead.  Regardless of whether you are planning to see a person for an
 important meeting or going to a larger event, you want to have a game
plan.  Think about what you want to say.  Rehearse your thoughts.

Focus on the other person.  One of the biggest conversation errors I see people make is to focus on themselves.  The other person sees them as self
centered and boring.  However, that does not mean you should not talk about yourself at all.  It is all about balance.  During my conversations with other people, I always monitor that balance.

Start with a great question.  Not sure how to start a conversation?  Use an open-ended question, such as, “Tell me more about your trip to …” or “I heard you went to the expo last week, tell me about your experiences.”

Listen instead of planning your next statement.  When I listen, I pretend I am going to have a quiz on what the other person is saying.  I am listening intensely!

Show enthusiasm.  When listening to people, show that you are interested in what they are saying.  You accomplish this through great eye contact, standing /sitting shoulder to shoulder and having energy in your voice.

Be interesting!  Keep up to date on current events and be prepared to discuss these topics.  If I am going to a party, I am always sure to review what is happening in the world, so I could engage in interesting conversations. However, be cautious with topics such as politics and religion.

Now you are ready for great conversations!  Enjoy!


Edward Leigh, MA, is the Founder and Director of the Center for Healthcare Communication.  To book one of his high-content CME-approved keynote speeches or training programs, visit or call: or call 1-800-677-3256


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